Detection of the Most Important Viruses that Cause Repeated Miscarriages in Pregnant Women

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Huda Jameel Baker AL-Khilkhali, Hawraa Dheyaa Rasool, Sahr Shehab Ahmad, Rasha Fadhel Obaid


The purpose of this study is to aim to the presence of a viral infection in pregnant abortions, as well as to detect the most common virus in abortion. Of a total of 33 cases of abortion were collected, The injury seropositive anti HSV1 IgG record high significance(p < 0.05) incidence was 27(81%) in Rapid test (TORCH) Compared with other virusesinfections were lower percentage (21%,18%,12%) seropositive anti-Rubella IgG, Toxoplasma gondii IgG, Cytomegalovirus IgGRespectively. The lowest percentage (6%) is seropositive anti- HSV2 IgG.While the pregnant women represented control groups were seropositive anti- CMV IgG 5(33%),anti-Rubella IgG 2(13%)and no injuries were recorded against another agent.

  In the present study according to age groups distribution of abortion rates was adopted the infection revealed that high significance(p < 0.05)in the age groups (16-22) years was the highest percentage14(43%)compared with other patients. Then the age group(30-37)year Which was its proportion10(30%) and The lowest percentage was 9(27%)in the age group (23-29) year.  In pregnancies, the age categories (16-22 years) were 4 (27%), 23-29 years 6 (40%), and 30-37 years 5 ( (33 % ) The case group had a history of abortion, according to the findings. Because the majority of abortions happened during the first trimester of pregnancy, (67%, 22/33), while 30% (10/33) and 3% (1/33) of Abortions were performed in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, respectively. Surprisingly, the findings revealed that the ratio of seropositivity co-infected.TOXO IgG+ with HSV1-IgM+ HSV1-IgG and -CMV IgG with HSV1-IgG 4(40%) in age group(30-37) years higher than other group co-infections was 2(14%) in age group (16-22)year and 1(11%)in age (23-29)year. Total results showed that herpes simplex infection1(HSV 1) higher than other infection viruses in pregnancy and contribute to the occurrence of abortion for them.

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