Role of Bacteria in Cancer Development: A Review

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Dhifaf Jabbar Shamran, Emaduldeen Hatem Ebed, Mohammed Muayad Taha, Salih Abdulridha Al Salih Al-Bakri, Dhuha Jawad Mahdi


Cancer is a major health problem over world, in spite of development in diagnostic and treatment methods. The inherited genetic alteration responsible for more than 10% of cancer, but the environmental factors also can be causes cancer. The infections of microorganisms play an important role in causes cancer its responsible for 20% of cancer deaths, including viruses and bacteria. The bacterial infections can related to cancer incidence in many ways,  directly be their proteins or in directly by chronic inflammation. Until now, the exact mechanisms of bacteria to cause cancer questionable, so that in this review, we will discuss some types of bacteria and their relationship with cancer.

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