Mathematical Anxiety among High School Students in Relation to their Achievement in Mathematics

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V. Manikandan, Dr. V. Ambedkar


            Mathematical anxiety is a fast - growing phenomenon which disproportionately affect high school students’ way of thinking closer to the studying of mathematics, acquisition of knowledge of and fulfilment in mathematics. In schools, students often develop mathematical anxiety as a result of learning from teachers who are concerned about their own mathematical ability in specific areas. There are some studies that demonstrate that mathematical Anxiety is beneficial, but it also has negative implications.  This article is based totally on mathematical anxiety amongst high school students in Salem district, Tamil Nadu. The normative survey approach is followed the sample consisted of 669 high school students. The data was analyses using the t' test and 'r’ statistical procedures such as percentiles, a test of significance of mean difference, Pearson's product moment correlation, and ANOVA.

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