Contribution to a study of biological applications; anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant of methanoic extracts of Moricandia suffruticosa L.

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Deramchia Nawel, Nemchi Fadela, Ammam Abdelkader, Mostefa Belhakem


This study was done to study antioxidant activities, antiinflamatory and antifungal in vitro methanol extract obtained from the aerial parts of Moricandia suffruticosa L, plant was harvested in the region of Tamanrasset - Algeria (south of the Algerian Sahara) ; The antioxidant properties studied were tested by the mechanism of the sweeping activity of DPPH radicals, Anti-inflammatory activity was assessed using the human red blood cell membrane stabilization (HRBC) method. Antimicrobial activity was tested with three fungal strains (Microsporium audouini, Microsporium gypseum and Trichophyton rubrum). The results show a perfect anti-inflammatory activity and a good inhibition on the various fungi on the other hand a moderate antioxidant activity.

The methanoic extrac studied has the potential to be used as an antimicrobial agent against the fungi tested.

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