Eco-Tourist Area of Uzbekistan and Its Mapping

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N. Shamuratova, M. Egamberdieva, R. Ibragimova, M. Avezov


This article discusses the issues of territories intended for ecotourism in Uzbekistan, its cartography, as well as sectoral and complex zoning. In particular, the natural zoning of L.N.Babushkin and N.A.Kogay (1964), recreational works of Y.A.Kotlyarov (1978) and tourist zoning of Y.S.Putrik, V.V.Sveshnikov (1986) were analyzed. Zoning is one of the main methods of scientific research, and the importance of regional geography in the CIS is provided by the Kazakh geographer J.Aliyeva (2001) with recreational resources and tourism facilities. Geoecological principles and zoning schemes to be followed in ecotourism zoning are given. Ecotourism zoning uses several taxonomic units, which are divided into ecotourism provinces, mini province - ecotourism region, ecotourism sub-region - ecotourism micro-district (place, point or object). Criteria for the separation of taxonomic units, including the main criteria for the division into ecotourism areas, are relief, climate, hydrological conditions,diversity and specific features of vegetation.Are shown using the example of the Ustyurt ecotourism zone.The content of the map also reflects the goals and objectives of mapping the ecotourism zones of Uzbekistan, GIS technologies, map symbols, cartographic sources.

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