The Use of GIS Technologies in Determining the Relationship between Population Settlement and Infrastructure Facilities

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M. Egamberdieva, Z. Tojieva, K. Khakimova, N. Shamuratova


In this article combinations between population settlement and service branches which is related to the population have been studied. Here as a main resource information Diva GIS and Open Street Map have been used. It is important to mention that the first map, which was used and invented in public service, was established in 30-years of the previous century. Later coming to 1960more complicated versions of the maps that were related to public service have been created by O.A.Efteev, D.N.Lukhmanov, L.B.Makalyukina and S.A.Kovalev. In the following years many scientific researchers are being done on the topic of finding out the combination between population density and objects of infrastructure.

Here the features of the hospitals settlements in districts sphere in Samarkand region have been analyzed. Furthermore, with the help of geo-information systems (GIS) according to the density of population public service areas of the medical institutions have been discussed.

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