Experimental Experience of Medical Management to Prevent Cerebral Vascular Obstruction

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Seong-Ran Lee


This study is to conduct an experimental experience of medical management to prevent cerebral vascular blockage.The subjects of this study were 96 people who visited the neurosurgery department of the general hospital in the Chungnamarea from January 11 through March 23, 2022. The socio-demographic factors of the study subjects were chi-square test. Comparison before and after cerebrovascular blockage medical management was analyzed by t-test. Symptoms and practices before and after 9, 18, 27, and 36 days of medical care were measured. The results of this study are as follow. Firstly, in the case of high stress, 66.7% of the experimental group was significantly higher than 39.6% of the control group(X2=3.52, p=.017).Secondly, in terms of perilla oil intake, the average score was 41.72 points after medical information intervention, which was significantly higher than the average score of 26.85 points before intervention(t=-56.3, p<.05). Thirdly, headache was high at 64.2% before medical management, but showed a significant decline from the 9th of medical management. Therefore, perilla oil helps remove cholesterol and improves blood circulation in cerebrovascular obstruction. These derived results are expected to contribute to blood improvement in cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases

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