A Layered System Architecture for Business Intelligent Interoperability within IIoT

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Ruchi Bhatnagar, Dr. Pankaj Gupta


The migration of smart applications towards Fog computing becomes a boon for many IoT-based systems; which performs well with the advent of 5G. As 5G empowers Fog-assisted IoT; several issues including interoperability that is integral part of fog-IoT critically solved with. Numerous research has been done, as well as ongoing for dealing unresolved issues within such environment. The summarizes recent Literature on different domain with interoperability issues; their solutions and opportunities; reinforces the point that Fog-IoT is an optimal Interoperable environment in versatile domain. A Novel Approach for the solution of business interoperability application within Industrial IoT through Conceptual Clustering through low latency and high reliability is proposed in this paper. The proposed Conceptual Clustering business intelligence approach at Fog-IoT is a novel concept in industrial application domain; which can be proved by presenting layered system architecture. This research organized into Interoperability review, system model of Novel approach; proposed system architecture’ s and their comparative analysis. These points of research enforce efficient Interoperable communications between the different tiers of fog-assisted IoT responding to the needs of Industrial demand which becomes future of ever demanding smart interoperable environment. 

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