Evaluation of Available Boron Status and Soil Physico - Chemical Properties in Semi - Arid Tropical Agricultural Soils of Devarapalli Mandal Visakhapatnam District Andhra Pradesh State

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Syeda Bano, Anima S. Dadhich


Boron is considered as one of the important micro nutrient essential for plant health and its management is often difficult due to its high mobility as well as its deficiency in sandy textured soils. The current investigation focused to explore the available boron status in two major kharifcrops, Rice (Oryzasativa) and Sugarcane (Saccharumofficinarum) in semi-arid tropical agricultural soils of Devarapalli, Vishakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh state, INDIA. From the investigation it was observed that the pH ranged between 5.5-8.5, EC ranged from 0.01dsm-1-0.4 dsm-1showing non-saline character of the soils. The %SOM was in the range of 0.4%-8.2% indicating that the soils are rich in organic matter and the boron in its available form was found to be in between 0.24-2.88 mgKg-1 showing that boron was insufficient in these soils and leaching is the major cause for low values of boron. The correlation of boron was found to be positive with SOC and other nutrients except pH. From the reports of the current investigation it was observed that in the management of boron in soils of Devarapally, SOM and clay content played a very crucial role.

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