Impact of Artificial Reduction of the River Waters in Irrigation Hydrosystems in the Syrdarya Oblast to the Meliorative Situation

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Madrahimova Zulfiya Nurmatovna, Alloberganova Zebo Bekmamatovna, Jumaniyazova Tutijon Maqsudbek Qizi, Isayeva Zakhro Bakhrom Qizi


This article describes the results of the studies of the situation of the surface waters in the Syrdarya oblast and their impact to soil melioration and its ecological state. It was identified that some ecological overloading had occurred in the geosystems due to the anthropogenic impact, i.e., artificial management of river flow and transferring to the energy mode. Conclusions are made on development of new measures for improvement of the ecological situation, restoration of the soils subjected to degradation and salinization. In addition, the impact of the high level of soil salinization to the health of local population is also grounded. The negative impact of the rising water deficiency situation to the soil aeration due to the drop of the efficiency factor (EF) of the irrigations systems from 0.73 to 0.69 and loss of 31% of the waters, taken from the river before they reach the irrigable lands.

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