Perceived Organisational Support for Employee Well-Being in IT Sector: A Pandemic Impact Study

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Kiruthika Krishnasamy, Dr. S. Kavitha, N. Nithya


Organizations these days have to remain alert and adaptive to unforeseen events which can increase uncertainty among their workforce and impose immediate threats to the organization’s performance and viability. As the COVID-19 pandemic is progressing towards the recover and reshape phases, many organizations are looking at new ways of addressing the changing social, emotional, physical and financial needs of their worker’s. Employee well-being is always found to be strategically relevant to organizations and individuals and has emerged into one of the focal areas of research during this pandemic. Managing and supporting employee well- being is always a challenge however the added stressors of the pandemic situation such as remote working, work-life balance can cause people to experience extreme reactions, resulting in the need for organizational support. The focus of this study is on the key wellbeing areas where employers should focus on for promoting and supporting their employees as a result of impact of the pandemic. This study will be descriptive in nature and is based on primary data. To achieve this objective, the data is collected using an online survey of 150 employees from the IT sector. Snow ball sampling technique is used to collect the responses and they are analyzed using SPSS. A reliability test was conducted for the first 25 responses and the Cronbach’s alpha value was found to be 0.96. Further Correlation, Anova test, T- test regression and will be conducted to test the hypothesis. The theoretical and practical applications of the study are discussed in the context of employee well-being.

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