Green Biosynthesis of Ag Doped Zno Nanoparticles Produced from Annona Squamosa Leaf Extract and their Potential Applications Against Multi Drug Resistance Clinical Pathogens

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A. Ubaithulla Baig, R. Vadamalar, N. Jabena Begum, A. Gomathiyalini, A. Vinodhini, P. F. Steffi


In the present investigation, we have synthesized Ag doped ZnO-NPs using Annona squamosa leaf extract and were investigated through XRD, UV-Vis absorption, FTIR, DLS, SEM and TEM techniques. In addition, its antibacterial (against multidrug resistance bacteria) and antifungal activity was evaluated by disc diffusion method. From the XRD and UV-Vis absorption results, the prepared sample was confirmed as ZnO. The surface morphology studies and FTIR results endorse the incorporation of Ag into the ZnO lattice. The result of antimicrobial activity against multi drug resistant bacteria and fungus showed that the green synthesized ZnO:Ag NPs was found to be efficient than standard antibacterial agents and to be efficient to use as antifungal agents.  It was explored that the inclusion of silver into the ZnO lattice and the phytochemicals of Annona squamosa play a key role in enhancing the antimicrobial activity of synthesized sample. Interestingly, in contrast to the result observed by most of the researchers, in present investigation, ZnO:Ag NPs have more efficient biocidal activity against Gram-negative bacteria than Gram-positive bacteria. Overall, the results elucidated a rapid, cost-effective, environmental friendly and convenient method for ZnO:Ag NPs synthesis, which could be used as a potential antimicrobial agent against multi drug resistant microbes.

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