The Effect of Sowing Time and Rate on Crude Protein Content in Crotalaria Juncea Grain

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Nurullaeva Manzura Shavkatovna, Negmatova Surayyo Teshaevna, Yakubov Gayrat Kuvondikovich


In the article, the importance of the non-traditional leguminous crop Crotalaria juncea cultivated in the conditions of degraded meadow alluvial soils of the northern region of the Republic of Khorezm and the influence of the planting period and standards on the amount of crude protein in plant grain from the elements of cultivation technology are highlighted. 57-33.62%, and the highest result was 33.62% in the option of planting 10 kg of seeds per hectare in the period of 2025.04. As the planting rate increases from 10 kg to 18 kg, the crude protein content decreases to 1.15-1.32% and 0.62-1.80% with early and late planting dates, making Crotalaria juncea the negative effect of temperature, seedling thickness, and duration of the period of operation on the decrease of crude protein content of grain when planted in early and late periods at high rates has been scientifically substantiated. 

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