Protective Effect of Nigella sativa Seed Extracts against Oxytetracycline InducedLiver and Kidney Injuries in Albino Rats

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Norhan M.H. Mohammed, Mostafa I. Sarwat, Nagah E. Ali


oxytetracycline (OTC) may lead to liver and kidney diseases related to oxidative stress. The dietry containing natural antioxidants can counteract this stress. Therefore, Cold press oil (NSO) which containing fixed and essential oil beside ethanolic extract (NSET) were prepared. Essential oil (EO) was also prepared by hydro-distillation; its contents identified as twenty-six terpenoids. Phenols and flavonoids of NSET quantified and compared with NSO, while the identification of fatty acids profile in the last were acheived . Antioxidant activity of both NSO and NSET measured using DPPH and ABTS. The protective effect of each NSO and NSET against oxidative stress was determined in Albino rats. Results showed that the liver and kidney weight gain at the end of experiment were decreased in the both extracts while increased in the OTC-treated group. Enzymatic antioxidants, SOD, CAT, and G-px, showed a substantial inhibition in OTC-treated group compared with extract-treated groups. Liver function and kidney function parameters as well as malondialdehyde (MDA) level increased significantly in OTC-treated group while decreased in extract-treated groups. The preventive properties of the extracts validated in histological investigation of liver and kidney.

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