The Significance of Artificial Intelligence in Hiring and Resourcing in Academic field: Creating a Competitive Workplace

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Anubhuti Srivastava, Dr. Arumugam Seetharaman, Dr. Veena Jadhav


Artificial intelligence (AI) has already demonstrated its worth in a variety of industries, including sports, health care, transportation, and industry. Recruitment practises such as finding candidates, screening them, conducting interviews, and making a final decision on which candidates to hire have all grown in popularity in recent years. A company's policies, attitudes toward applicants, and even HR responsibilities can all be affected by this. In certain cases, it's likely that recruiters don't know about this technology, or that the organisations that do utilise it are still in the early stages of implementation. HR's job is to establish a secure and supportive work environment for all employees, while also allowing them the freedom, intellect, and empathy they need to do their best work. One of today's most advanced and quickly developing technologies, AI, has tremendously improved the HR department. To free up time for strategic work, AI has taken over the majority of low-value HR responsibilities.

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